A multi-function crypto platform that enables charity organization to easily manage crypto

No more issues with private keys. Charities can manage their crypto assets as if they were using a bank account, making instant crypto exchange and FIAT withdraws smoothly. And thanks to DEFI, crypto savings can generate compounded interests.

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Your money is safe with hot & cold storage backups and the absolute state-of-the-art encryption security. You can trust us to keep your information safe and secure with total privacy.

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4.75% APR*


20.43% APR*

USD Coin

4.56% APR*

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Choose the crypto which is offering the better APR and start to get daily compounded interests. The smart contract will automatically choose the best interest rate between Compound and Cream Finance. Once a substantial milestone is reached, the funds collected will be used to launch a growth hacking fundraising campaign (led by AidCon team) to support a charity organization voted by the community.

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Track your donations until last mile

A portion of your daily interest might be allocated to fund good causes. Our charity partners have committed to spend the funds in stable coins in order to provide full traceability.

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Giving with peace of mind

We are using the Compound protocol to guarantee the maximum of the security in the industry.